Here you'll find everything you need to know about Media Monitoring and the Media Archive.
Three tips for you who are new users of media monitoring!

Monitor Manage

What is Monitor Manage?
What do the colored 'bubbles' show at the top of the article?
What counts as editorial material?
What is a profile?
How do I read my articles?
Which sources are included in my agreement?
Why is my article behind a paywall?
How do I find reach numbers for individual articles?
How long can I access the hits in my portal?
Where can I see the keywords?
How can we remove irrelevant hits?
How can we see duplicates?
How do I favorite profiles in the portal?
How can I see the original hit?
How to manually add an article to Monitor
Can we search for hits written by a specific author or journalist?
Unpublished an article by accident; how do I get it back?
Can we change how the hits are displayed in Monitor?
Can I have an RSS-feed from Monitor for our intranet/ Workplace?
I'm missing a hit from TV/radio programs, why does it not appear in Monitor?
Is it possible to remove hits from a news feed?
What is ad value?
How can I search for more specific hits in Monitor Hits?
How can I see hits from one source only?
What is the similarity filter?
Copy/move articles to a different profile
XML attribute descriptions
How to manually publish articles to feed

Email notifications & Log in

How to adjust your mail subscriptions
How do I use the Subscriptions function?
Review and adjust your e-mails deliveries and recipients

Monitor - Analysis

Can we add another search profile to the analysis in Monitor?
Can we save the analysis we have created?
What does “by source category” in the analysis tool show?
What does “by media type” in the analysis tool show?
What does “by source“ in the analysis tool show?
What does “over time” in the analysis tool show?
How far back can I retrieve hits in the Analysis tool?
What does the analysis report "Share of Voice" show?
How is ad value calculated?
Where can I find the total number of hits per profile?

Export & Save

How do I use the Save-button?
How can I share a hit with a colleague?
Can I share an article with a colleague?
Can I share an article with someone outside my company or organization?
What file formats can we save hits in?
How can I create a report summary of hits?
How can I save a hit in PDF-format?
How many hits can we save at a time?