How do I adjust or create a new shared notification?

How you create a shared notification in Listen

If you have an admin role in Listen you have the option to create shared notifications for your organisation. Shared notifications enable multiple users/ subscribers to receive these notifications.

Log in to your platform

Make sure you have selected Listen in the menu to the left

Choose Configuration


Click on Notifications and then chose Create new or Edit a current one


You are now able to choose:

Name of your notification

Days and the time of day you want to send the notifications

Results to include in the notifications


Do not forget to check in Make shared, in order for the notification to be sent out to other users and subscribers


You also have the option to make the notification a weekly digest, and choose to get the notifications as soon as possible (ASAP)

Under Result to include you may also chose to monitor specific parts of a project, for example a specific search or a specific market


Finally, you may also choose to get notifications for specific tags