Ask for Help

Click "Ask for Help", Write your question and choose recipient --> A green notification will appear when the question has been answered

Step 1: Press the "Ask for Help" button at the post you are in need of help with.

Step 2: Write your question and the email address of the person who should assist you --> Press "Send Question".

Step 3: RelationDesk will notify you when the question has been answered --> Press the "Answer received" button.

Step 4: View the suggested answer --> Choose "Copy to Answer Field" to quickly use the suggestion. OBS: You can edit the answer before sending it.

Good to know: Everyone working in RelationDesk can see the answer, so you are not dependent on the original sender to be working in order to quickly use the suggestion and reply to your costumer. 

The person who answers the Ask for Help do not need to have a RelationDesk account.