Court cases - Acta Publica

CLARIFICATION: Since this service cover a large number of cases the relevance can vary a lot from case to case. A mention should not automatically be interpreted as a warning signal.


Court cases related to the company/key persons is an additional service that control if the company name, registration number or a key person's identity number are mentioned in a document from a Swedish court or authority (e.g. Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority). Types of documents can be court decisions, protocols or lawsuits for example. All the searches are made in the database of Acta Publica.


The conception of the word “mentioned” means that ANY kind of occurring or mention will generate a hit. For example if an identity number are mentioned in any kind of case it will generate a hit in the search. This means that that the involvement in a case can vary a lot from case to case.


In other words the service will generate a hit for both defendant and applicant or victim.


It is difficult to filter out the irrelevant information. In first hand we try to exclude the cases where a key person occurs in cases of accountant or private matters about:

- Divorce

- Custody

- Support and Service for Person with Certain Functional Impairments Act (LSS)

- Care of Abusers Act (LVM)

- Care of Young Persons Act (LVU)


We apologize if this type of case still occurs exceptionally and ask you to contact Retriever's support so that we can fine-tune our delimitation. The documents is available in Acta Publica menu under Reports & Withdrawals.


The documents are named after the date they are created. Type and source of the document are shown when the mouse pointer is moved over the name.