Marking messages as Done & Not Done

Press the red circle (Not Done) to make it Green (Done)

Marking individual comments/messages/tweets as Done

A message with a red circle=Not Done. 

Click the red circle to make it a green circle=Done.

Everyone that has Engage access to this Social Channel can see if something is Done or Not Done.

Marking whole posts/conversations as Done

Click the red circle to make the post/conversation a green circle=Done.


If this post has comments under it that are Not Done, then RelationDesk will ask you if you want to mark the whole post as Done. This will also mark all comments as Done.

TIP: Before you mark the whole post, and all it comments, as Done: look at the tab "Not Done comments". Just to be sure!


Good to know:

When there is a new comment on a post

When there is a new comment on a post  (or a new private message in a private conversation), RelationDesk will automatically move that post/conversation from the tab Done to Not Done.

All old comments will still be marked as Done (green). But all new comments will be marked as Not Done (red). So it is super clear which comments you need to look at.