XML attribute descriptions

Retriever provides syndicated news feeds for RSS-readers, which can be used both internally and on external websites.

The provided format for our feeds is XML.


When viewing the feed by opening the link in a web browser, you will see the XML-document in plain text. Each article in the feed is separated and enclosed within the <item> </item> brackets and contain a number of attributes which will be displayed in your feed, such as headline, publishing date and a link to the article itself.

The following is a description of the attributes used by Retriever in the feed:

titleArticle’s headline
linkLink to article
descriptionArticle’s introduction
ret:docdatePublishing date
ret:sourceSource name
ret:dynteaserShort paragraph from content
ret:mediatypeType of media (print, web, audio, video, etc.)
ret:wordcountTotal words
ret:languageArticle language