What is the sentiment and tonality of articles?

Information on how we measure tonality and sentiment.

Sentiment and tonality/tone are assessments of how positive or negative an article is towards the analysis subject. It captures whether the editorial processing favors the media portrayal of the analysis subject. The tonal assessment of editorial articles is not automated. It relies on customers setting the tone for their article hits or purchasing the service from our media analysts.

Tone is based on text analysis, examining whether value words are positive or negative or if the portrayal is neutral. Sometimes, 'balanced' publicity occurs, where the positive and negative aspects balance each other out. These are categorized as neutral.

Tone is used as part of the metrics for media quality and media effectiveness.

For social media posts, this sentiment and tonality/tone assessment is automated in the Retriever platform and is guided by the words that appear in the posts. It's important to note that the automated assessment may not identify sarcasm.