Why can't I pause a member?

You need at least one active member with admin access to your social media pages

If you try to Pause a Team Member but it doesn't work like below you can check to see if this person is the last active admin to your social media pages


Step 1: Go to the "Social Media Channels" tab and click on one of your pages


Step 2: The green key on a user indicates that they are admins and have connected their account to the Facebook page.


Minimum one user with a "Green Key" must be active for RelationDesk so get all the posts and comments for that page.


The system therefore wont let you pause the last member with a "Green Key" to any of your pages to make sure you still get everyting.



Final Step: If you want to pause the member you need to have another admin for your page on Facebook.com link their account to RelationDesk.


Then you can click pause.