How are topics categorized in the media archive?

About topics filter in the media archive

During 2021 we have added a new filter in the media archive based on topics. The function appears in the left filter menu after you have done a search and got a result.


Click on the topic category that is relevant for your search to see articles tagged with that specific topic. This filter is handy to use when you want to narrow down your search within a certain topic or subject and get more relevant hits. You can choose one or more topics from the list.


The topics that Retriever uses follow the international standard classification scheme provided by the International Press and Telecommunications Council, IPTC for news agencies and other media companies. There are 17 top categories which we use:


arts, culture and entertainment

crime, law and justice

disaster and accident

economy, business and finance


environmental issue


human interest


lifestyle and leisure


religion and belief

science and technology

social issue


unrest, conflicts and war



The categorization is done by an automatic system that collects key words from the articles to decide which topics are represented in the text. One article can be tagged with several different topics. Please note that the process does not contain any manual editing, so there can be a small amount of wrongly categorized articles.