Social media management

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Add a Facebook page to your account
Add an Instagram page to your account
Add a Twitter page to your account
Add a LinkedIn page to your account
Add a TikTok channel to your account

Social media management FAQ

Why can't I pause a member?
Having a Problem?
Can't see any new posts on my channel
Can't see Posts and Comments on my Ads
Access level explanations in Social media management
Find the ID of a message
Can't see certain posts
Unable to Unpause a Team Member
Can't access Measure
Report a Problem
How to stop a scheduled post from publishing
How to delete Cache memory
How to add Retriever to secondary receiver
Delete Local storage filters
Enable Instagram Private Messages for SMM
See who in the team managed a comment
Why can't I like an Instagram comment?
What is an Organization?


Notifications of new messages on Social Channels
Team List
Using the Search Bar
Filters in Engage
Sorting messages
Assign a message to a Team Member
Marking messages as Done & Not Done
Marking messages for Follow Up
Answer Facebook comment with private message
Sending Emojis
Add Notes
Engagement labels and Sentiments
Hiding Facebook comments
Delete comments or direct messages from Retriever
View messages in context
See Tweets in Context
Show on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn in Engage
See all Interactions
Ask for Help
Create Saved Replies
Use Saved Replies
Edit or Delete Saved Replies
Filter explanations in Engage
Pause notifications for posts
Change Icons in top menu
Mention users in Facebook replies
Collaboration Mode
Area of expertise
How to ban a user from a Facebook page


Create a new post in Retriever
Publish reels to Facebook and Instagram
How to Duplicate a post to multiple channels and networks
Add Alt-text to images
Suggest best time to Publish
Use short-links in Publish
Image cropping and video transcoding
Add Notes and Labels on your posts
Select video preview
Schedule Posts
Individual post performance
Edit labels on your published posts
Send posts for approval
Approve/Reject a post
Add an instant comment in Publish
Show in Engage
Convert PNG to JPG files for Instagram
Boost a Facebook post in Publish
Targeted geographical posts for LinkedIn and Facebook
Filters in Publish
View the calendar by month, week or day
Create a Note in your Publish Calendar
Add SRT-file to your videos for Facebook
Show on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn in Publish
Publish Drafts
Mentions at Facebook, Instagram, X and LinkedIn posts


Engagement Volumes
Response Time
Busiest Hours
Search Messages
Published Content
Best Content
Published Stories
Content Labels
Engagement Labels
Publish Optimizer
Published Volumes
Measure Settings
Follower Growth
Update statistics in "Published Content" table
My Dashboard


Email Notifications
Connect to LinkedIn
Connect to Facebook
Add a Facbook Ads Account
Add members to your pages
Give a Team Member access to Pages
Inviting more members to SMM
Make a Team Member into an Organization Owner (admin)
Pause or Delete Team Members
Enable 2 factor authentication (MFA)
Label management
Change your password
Label creation settings
Change Ask for Help Email template