First time Set up of Relationdesk organization

Link your pages, Add members, Give members access to pages

Connect to Facebook and LinkedIn


Step 1: Go to Settings by clicking in the top left corner

Step 2: Under your personal settings click "Connect to Facebook"

Go through the process until you get the message that you have successfully linked RelationDesk to Facebook. Press OK and you will be taken back to Retriever again.


OBS: You are linking your personal account, but Retriever does not get access to any personal information.


Step 3: Click Connect to LinkedIn and follow the steps presented.

When successfully done the text should say connected in green as seen below.

Add Social Media Pages to your Organization

Step 1: To add a social media page go to Social media channels tab and click "Add More Pages"

Step 2: Click the plus sign to add the page to Retriever


Add Members to your Organization

Step 1: Go to Organization Members and click "Invite new members"

Step 2: Write the Email of the members you want to add to the Organization and click "Send Invites"

The users will now get an email with an activation link to start their Retriever account.


Give members access to your Social Media pages

Step 1: Click on the members you have added under Organization members

Step 2: Click on the plus sign to give a member basic access to that channel.

Manage access levels by choosing in the drop down menus on each page



Congratulations you are now all set up and ready to start using RelationDesk!