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What is Retriever Listen?
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Social Listening FAQ

Listen - What are Top Insights?
Why is Pulse blank? / Why are there no hits in Pulse?
Can I download data and statistics from Listen?
Can we monitor private posts in Listen?
Can we answer people directly from Listen?
Are we able to exclude posts from our own social media channels?
Why are the number of posts for Twitter / X different in Listen?

Search Profiles

Can we use the same search profiles in Listen and in Monitor?
"Posts" in Retriever Listen
Search and filter in Search Profiles - "Posts"
How do I tag selected posts?
Searches in Retriever Listen


Can we track specific accounts in Listen?
Channels in Retriever Listen
Market in Retriever Listen

Email notifications

How do I adjust or create a new shared notification?
How do I adjust or add subscribers?
How do I edit or set up my own notifications in Listen?

Create/edit searches

Creating a new search in Listen
Search operators in Listen